OffBeat Bambinos  

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Our Philosophy

OffBeat Bambinos exists to celebrate the beauty of children.
To celebrate the blessing of bringing children into the world. 
To celebrate the sacred duty of caring for children. 
OffBeat Bambinos is here to keep children warm, protected and dry. Also, to bring color and texture to the developing eyes and active minds of young children. To accentuate the uniqueness of children, and the undeniable power of their spirit. 
OffBeat Bambinos is here to inspire and promote health and goodness for Parents, Children, and what is formed; Family. 
If you will observe healthy families,
you will always see present in them three qualities:
love, faithfulness, and correctness.
When we truly love others, we are naturally kind, gentle, and patient. When we are faithful to others, we place proper principles and conduct above temporary influences. And when we practice correctness, we spiritually nourish ourselves and all those around us.
OffBeat Bambinos encourages all children and caregivers to celebrate the beat of their drum. 
It is with the warmest of regards, and great appreciation, that we present these handiworks to you.
With wishes that they bless the home they land in. 

Thank you for your support.

               Para Los Ninos!

Ashley Chanel Robles and Family


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