Welcome Baby Bib

Welcome Baby Bib


You will receive a custom pairing of two bibs.


A Baby Bib,

For the spits of fresh milk,

For the dribble of new teeth,

For the spills of first bites.

A Baby Bib,



Welcome Baby Bib by oFFBeatBaminos, Seattle WA, USA


• Terry Cloth Swath, for comfortable wipes and added grab.

• 100% Durable Cotton

• Machine wash

• Wear Often!

• Approx: 0-18months


Creating Quilts creates fabric scraps. I Re-Use that scrap here, in my oFFBeat Bibs. 

Much like the quilts from which they have branched, no two are alike in color combos or pattern variations.  Although I do follow a consistent design which includes a 3-part front panel, endowed with a terry cloth swath and solid back panel for strong structure. The varieties are endless and the combos are full of colorful play. I of course pair for compliment. 



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