Welcome Baby Bibs


A Baby bib, 

for the spits of fresh milk, 

for the dribble of new teeth,

for the spills of first bites, 

A Baby Bib, 

for the first drooling year!

OffBeat Bambinos exists to celebrate the beauty of children.

To celebrate the beauty of bringing children into the world.

To celebrate the sacred duty of caring for children. 

OffBeat Bambinos exists to keep children warm, protected and dry.

OffBeat Bambinos is an effort to bring color and texture to the developing eyes and active minds of young children.

OffBeat Bambinos exists to accentuate the uniqueness of children, and the undeniable power of their spirit. 

OffBeat Bambinos encourages all children, and caregivers, to celebrate the beat of their drum. 






Always we should keep children in mind, for they are our way forward, and purest of spirit.