Warmth and Protection. Other than milk and clean diapers, that is a baby’s great desire; warmth and protection. 

The quilts I craft are 100% unique. Much like the sweet bambinos of this world, no two are alike. 

Each quilt carries the strength to protect from wind and rain while strolling on a walk or traveling in the car. 

Each quilt lays beautifully to provide a comfortable padded floor mat for tummy-time or diaper changes.  

Each quilt is made for sleeping under, or on. 

Each quilt is made with considerations to both the head and heart of a child, which when combined are the well-spring of imagination.

Quilts are made upon commission. You tell me the age and name of the child. And if you wish a few details that you feel bring light to the seeds in the young Bambinos heart. Then I proceed to make the quilt, in their honor.

Pricing based on Size and Materials

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